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I have been taken care of 
Too much for a while,
It's not been mother's will though,
It's a covenant designed by nature.

Written for Sadje’s #WDYS prompt.


Featured image taken from Mormon Blog. Nature, Wisdom, Spirit, Mother – By Common Consent. You can check out the blog here:


3 responses to “Covenant”

  1. Great take Phil. Sometimes, mothers aren’t able to take care of their children, but there is always someone to fill in for them. Thanks for joining in.

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    1. You’re right, Sadje.

      Those who gives birth to children are not the mothers that we know but those who takes care of children in both their moments of hardship and ease and can give birth to them are the mothers that we know _ sure. Also, another mother cannot be a child mother if her love does not supercedes that of the real mother but really, can another mother fill the love of another mother’s child?

      Thank you so much, Sadje ❀️.

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